Cybercom's Server Co-Location
Co-location service for locating an Internet server at Cybercom's facilities and providing a high speed, multi-homed connection to the Internet.
  • 10Mbps Internet connection standard - 100Mbps optional
  • UPS backed-up power - 110VAC 250 watts standard - 500 watts optional
  • Co-located equipment must fit within standard 19" equipment rack with 24" depth
  • Standard height allotment of 6" - additional space available
  • Includes single IP address - additional IP addresses available
  • Includes 2GB of Internet traffic per month
  • Continuous monitoring of your server with 24/7 notification optional
  • Data backup service available with Linux, BSDI, Solaris and WindowsNT servers
  • Web-based Internet bandwidth utilization graphs available
  • Telnet or remote administration performed by customer
Co-Location Service
10Base-T Co-location
Set-Up Fee (10Mbps 10BaseT - Rack Mount) $150.00
Set-Up Fee (10Mbps 10BaseT - Non Rack Mount) $200.00
Monthly Fee 10BaseT - Rack Mount $150.00
Monthly Fee 10BaseT - Non Rack Mount $175.00
100Base-T Co-location
Set-Up Fee (100Mbps 100BaseT - Rack Mount) $ Call
Set-Up Fee (100Mbps 100BaseT - Non Rack Mount) $ Call
Monthly Fee 100BaseT - Rack Mount $ Call
Monthly Fee 100BaseT - Non Rack Mount $ Call
Cybercom Recommends Rack Mount Cases for all Co-Located Machines.

Weekly Data Backup Charges
Set-Up Fee (Tape Backup Services) $150.00
Monthly Fee -- includes 20MB avg. data per month $25.00
Each additional 20MB of data over 25MB avg. per month $25.00

Other Charges
Each additional vertical 3" of rack space per month $50.00
Each additional 250 watts of AC power per month $50.00
Each GB of Internet traffic over 2GB per month $50.00
Each additional IP address per month $35.00
External Email Hosting $ Call
Alpha-Numeric Alert Paging Support per month $ 5.00
Alpha-Numeric Alert Paging Setup $ 45.00

Recurring Billing Discounts: 7% if paid quarterly / 17% if paid annually

Note: Certain restrictions apply. An appointment with a Cybercom Network Administrator is necessary to confirm exact pricing and restrictions. Quantity discounts are available. Prices subject to change without notice, Call for best price. Cybercom is not responsible for damage or failure of customer equipment

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